About Me

Hi, my name is Charlie and I created this site. I love Thailand and all it has to offer. It's pretty much my second home for the last 10 years.

After I was divorced I just wanted to get away and do something crazy so I chose Thailand. I was always shy with the women especially after getting divorced. The dating game was once again unfamiliar to me.

The amount of attention you get from Thai girls is crazy. Understand though that there is usually a motive behind it, which you guessed it - it's money. 

If you're ok with that and just want to have fun with a ton of Thai girls from either Go-Go bars, beer bars, or even freelancers, then my site is for you. I not only list guest friendly approved hotels in the city you're going to visit, but I also blog on helpful tips as well.

There is a lot to this great country but issues with some hotels and guests seems to be a pressing issue for many tourists.  

So, I have created this with YOU in mind.

If you have never been to Thailand you may be unaware of the practices of some hotels.

This site is a guide to help those that are trying to avoid an unpleasant surprise by being smacked with a "joiner fee" or guest fee just because you want to bring a girl or guest that is unregistered to your hotel room.

I have compiled a list of great hotels in Thailand that respect your privacy and have no issue with bringing such a guest to your room. These hotels all have guest friendly policies and are hassle free when it comes to guests.

Get started by picking a city below and book your fantasy!