Ladyboy Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya is full of really sexy and hot Ladyboys.  In fact I think the Ladyboys of Pattaya are probably the hottest that I’ve seen in all of Thailand.  So it’s no wonder when guys want to try out a Ladyboy that they go to Pattaya.

Just like a beer bar girl or go go dancer you need to find yourself a Ladyboy friendly hotel when in Pattaya.  In some rare cases some hotels will allow you to bring a “real” girl to your room but will refuse the Ladyboys.

There are some bars were you even see signs that say no Ladyboys allowed.  A lot of times the signs are actually only in Thai which makes sense because they don’t want foreigners to understand it so as to avoid any social issues.

So the same thing goes with hotels in Pattaya, some will either refuse your Ladyboy or charge a hefty joiner fee.

The reason why this happens is because many Ladyboys have caused problems in hotels.  

So some hotels have decided not to allow them in any more just to avoid the hassle.

The good news is your boy Charlie has done all the research and I have compiled a list of Ladyboy friendly hotels located in Pattaya.  I have made sure that they are all ladyboy friendly by contacting these hotels myself and got an answer that they are devoid of any joiner fees.

So Where Can You Find Ladyboys in Pattaya?

You’ll find a ton of Ladyboys on Walking Street, on Soi 6 and almost anywhere. Besides hanging out in front of bars you will find Ladyboys strutting their stuff in high heels and tight clothing.  Some of these Ladyboys are absolute stunners and highly possible for females.

In fact in some cases you may not even know the difference until you speak to them.  Of course you also get your aged drag Queens that walk the street as well.  The Ladyboy freelancers are very upfront so if they spot you looking at them chances are they will come up to you and try to take you away for either short time or long time.

Here Are the Most Popular Ladyboy Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

  • Starts at $72 USD
  • 4.5 Star Hotel – 8.6/10 Rating
  • Located in North Pattaya
  • Rooftop Pool with Amazing Views
  • Starts at $51 USD
  • 4 Star Hotel – 8.0/10 Rating
  • Located in Central Pattaya Soi 10
  • Great Pool and Location
  • Starts at $22 USD
  • 3 Star Hotel – 7.8/10 Rating
  • Bottom of Soi 8 Near Beach Rd.
  • Close to Beer bars (noise at night)
  • Rooms are a bit dated – no in room safe
  • Starts at $35 USD
  • 4 Star Hotel – 8.3/10 Rating
  • In Central Pattaya, off Soi Buakhao
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Short Walk to Everything & Baht Bus
  • Starts at $28 USD
  • 3 Star Hotel – 7.7/10 Rating
  • Soi 8 Near beach Rd
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Some rooms have been remodeled
  • Starts at $28 USD
  • 3 Star Hotel – 7.8/10 Rating
  • Middle of Soi Honey
  • Near massage shops & restaurants
  • Rooms at back noisy – backs to Soi Lk Metro

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