Bangkok Red Light District – Hotels and Guide

Bangkok has three main red light districts – Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP), Soi Cowboy and Patpong. All of these red light areas offer many bars, go-go bars, freelancers and ladyboys.

To make things easy you should stay near one of these districts, either near Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. They are relatively close together, 1.3 km. to be exact but keep in mind traffic could prevent you from getting there anytime quickly.

You could walk if you like, as you’ll come across a few freelancers along the way.

Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy? Which Is Best?

Both areas are red light districts however there is a distinctive difference between the two. Soi Cowboy has a more relaxed environment than Nana Plaza.

Once in Nana Plaza, you tend to really feel you have arrived to a red light district because you are literally closed in – one way in, one way out. However with Soi Cowboy, you can walk in through either end of the street which is more discreet.

You can always say you are just walking through, as opposed to Nana where everyone one knows why you are there! Get the picture?

If you don’t care about location and just want to have fun at the go-go bars, then either area will do. Let’s face it, you are probably looking for a sexy thai go-go dancer to barfine and bring home with you to your hotel room for either short time or long time.

I’d suggest just immersing yourself in the scene right away. Go to Nana, walk around first and get a feel for the place. Prepare to be harassed by girls and ladyboys at every corner. They will try to pull you in the bar to buy them a lady drink.

There’s plenty, so no need to get snatched by the first one. If you want a suggestion, try Spanky’s. It’s on the 2nd floor on the left side as soon as you walk into Nana Plaza. There you will have a great time.

The girls are all topless, very sexy and often have feature dancers too. The prices for barfines are around 700 baht for the girl, and short time between 2000-3000 baht which is negotiable. Long time usually starts at 3000 baht or more depending on the girl.

What Goes on in the Go-Go Bars?

Here’s how it works. You walk in, have a seat, watch girls dance and eventually will make eye contact with a girl that likes you. These girls won’t just go home with anybody, so show some class. 

Dress decent make sure you had a fresh shower, wear deodorant and use mouthwash. No girl wants to talk to a guy with bad breath.

Some times the girls will make eye contact with you and motion to come over.

Or, you can just wave them over. Some will simply just come up to you. Once they sit with you, you have the option of buying them a drink.

This is what is called a lady drink. It costs usually around 140-170 baht depending on the bar.

While she has a drink with you, you are essentially getting a free lap dance. She will sit on your lap, you can play with her breasts, but don’t be too raunchy.

There’s plenty more you can do outside the club. She will hit you up for more drinks, because this is one way they make money, the club will pay them a percentage of the drinks they get from you. 

If she likes you and wants to go back with you to your hotel room, she will probably start off by saying “I like you, do you like me?”. If it’s a yes, she will ask if you want to “go with her.” She will then ask if you want short time or long time.

You’re getting laid either way. Short time is usually one shot up to an hour or 2, while long time is pretty much the whole night. You can probably have sex with her in the morning again.

Freelancers and Bargirls in Red Light Areas

Apart from go-go dancers, you’ve got your regular bars where girls will keep you company as long as you buy them a drink. You don’t always HAVE to buy them a drink, but don’t be cheap. It’s just a few bucks to talk to a lady and you might enjoy the conversation and learn a thing or two.

The same thing applies with bargirls – if you want to take them to your hotel room, you’ll have to pay a barfine, usually between 300-500 baht which is cheaper than the go-go bars. The short time and long time rates are also lower, but it depends on the girl and you are free to negotiate prices.

Freelancers hang out around all the districts, Cowboy, Nana and Patpong. The good thing with freelancers is that you don’t need to pay a barfine so you save some money. Prices usually start around 2000 bath for short time but can be negotiated way down.

This also depends how hot she is. Yes, that’s a reality in Thailand!

A Guest Friendly Hotel Is Your Best Friend in These Areas

A night out like this will not be possible unless you book a guest friendly hotel.  There are plenty within walking (and staggering distance lol) from all three red light areas.

If your hotel is not guest friendly, you could end up paying up to 1500 baht for your guest or worse, she flatly gets denied entry to your room.

Don’t be a statistic.

Check out our list of guest friendly hotels near Bangkok red light districts here.

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