Ladyboy Friendly Hotels Near Nana Plaza

Clearly you know the difference between ladyboy friendly hotels and just "regular" guest friendly hotels. Congratulations in saving yourself the hassle by booking the wrong hotel.

As you may or may not know, some hotels in Bangkok, specifically near Nana Plaza unfortunately do discriminate against ladyboys and simply do not want these girls joining foreigners in their rooms.

Click here to go to our ladyboy friendly hotel list near Nana Plaza in Bangkok

All the hotels that we list that are guest friendly are near Nana Plaza. Some are closer than others but all are either walking distance or a quick taxi cab ride. The BTS, which is the above rail system that runs along the Sukhumvit, can also be used but keep in mind it closes at midnight.

You can probably travel to Nana Plaza with the BTS if you don't want to walk but when you want to come back to your hotel after you picked up your ladyboy, it will most likely be closed.

Chances are she's going to help you get the best (and cheapest) way back to your hotel anyway so transportation won't be an issue. She might teach you a little something about getting around Bangkok too if you think about it!

Whether you choose a ladyboy friendly hotel close to Nana Plaza, such as Nana Hotel, which is literally right across from the plaza (ladyboy friendly) the choices from our list are all near and safe to book.

If you plan on bringing back two ladyboys, (what a wild time) most of these hotels won't give you any problems. If anything, they might ask you to pay a small fee for the second (around 500 baht) or they will tell you that they have to pay for breakfast if they are staying overnight and wish to do so.

Some hotels have different policies with bringing more than one guest to your room but the main thing here is that the list we provide does not flat out reject ladyboys.

That should be your main concern here. Afterall, if you are spending a good amount of money to pay for the ladyboys' services, what's a few hundred baht more to the hotel. You'll be perfectly fine if just bringing one back.

Keep in mind the hotel may ask for her ID, which is common practice. This is for your protection. There have been cases where ladyboys will go with men to their rooms, drug them and steal. The ladyboy won't get her ID card back first without reception calling you to confirm that everything is ok.

I hope this little explanation helped and do check out this list of hotels near Nana that suit you the most.


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